About Us

About Us

Wavenode Systems was founded in 2005 as a technology house specializing in the development solutions to enhance the living experience. Since its founding, Wavenode Systems has regarded compliance with professional standards and quality as essential. Wavenode Systems technology and systems solutions conform completely with recognized industry standards and are easily integrated with other vendors' product.

Wavenode Systems actively develops new products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies and serves emerging market needs with cost-effective and open architecture solutions. The company's solutions enable clients to offer value-added services. At Wavenode Systems we believe technology can provide solutions to improve the living experience.

Our solutions enable citizens to improve services, contain costs and maximize their return on investment. Currently, we provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Broadcast Systems - Radio, Digital TV infrastructure Installation & Maintenace
  • Satellite Systems - Distribution (Downlink and uplink installation), VSAT, BGAN and IP systems.
  • IT Systems - Internet (email, website design and hosting) and networking
  • Energy - Solar system design and installation, Energy Performance Contracting (Energy management projects)

Our Vision

To be a world-class technology service company.

Our Mission

Deliver stakeholder value using highly skilled engineering and IT support.

Our Business Model
Wavenode focuses on business opportunities that involve long-term partnering where we can add significant value through the delivery of ‘critical to success’ managed services to sophisticated customers. These business opportunities are invariably complex, often with a technology focus and require practical solutions, programme and project management and the excellent delivery of managed services using our broad range of capabilities.
Our Values

Our values are :

  • Innovation
  • People
  • Knowledge

About WaveNode Systems

Wavenode Systems provide a range of services from designing and installation of electrical appliances, solar panels, IT Infrastructure (Networking) broadcast systems development to digital clocks, using the best in class products to deliver excellent services. Our primary goal is safety and sustainability to our environment and our customers. We take pride in our considerable depth and breadth of our team’s expertise and continuous support.